Soccer Conditioning Drills for Agility on your iPhone

A Human Voice Pushes You Through Exercises Just Like A Real Trainer!

The importance of agility training in soccer (football outside North America):
"In a game that depends so heavily on agility (in the form of players changing direction at high speed) developing the areas that contribute to agility (strength, flexibility and speed) is key to the overall development of agility in players."
- Mr. Nico Kolokythas, Head of Strength and Conditioning at Wolverhampton University

Train on your Own, be Challenged and have Fun!

Zigyt can call out actions at random and at any pace. This makes for realisitc, anything-but-boring, training.

Lots of Drills

For agility, Zigyt has 10 drills based on:
For explosive strength and power (plyometrics), Zigyt has 5 variations of the Dot Drill.

Customer Reviews

...Let me make one thing clear: if you use this app properly you will get a solid cardio workout.

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...The instructions how to execute the drills are outstanding... When using the level of 'Difficult' for a drill, I really get an excellent workout.

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I really like it. It works great.

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Not just another crumby app. This one really works and works well!
See The Drills
Take a look at the selection of drills:
all agility exercises / drills by group
Watch the demo
agility training     iphone app demo showing how exercises are executed.


December 2012 - Zigyt 2.0 is released combining agility training with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in one app.

March 2011 - Zigyt Officially released in Europe and carried in FC Business Magazine.

January 2011 - Zigyt is featured on App Whisperer.

July 2010 - Zigyt listed as "New and Noteworthy" in App Store.