I have bought this app three months ago for my son who is playing premier level soccer. He really enjoys doing soccer related agility exercises. With his club he is attending SAQ practices on a regular basis, but this is different. He is using Zigyt whenever he wants and at his own pace. The instructions how to execute the drills are outstanding. Not very often you can find an application with such a detailed help. I also make use of several other drills. When using the level of 'Difficult' for a drill, I really get an excellent workout.
- spomenkos, iTunes Store - Canada
I really like it. It works great.
- M-Hammel, iTunes Store - Canada
I bought this app a couple months ago but didn't try it until today. Let me make one thing clear: if you use this app properly you will get a solid cardio workout. The drills work two main things, lower body agility and your lungs. Positive Highlights: a) you can set the speed at which you do the drills so you can build up to more reps per session b) randomness of some drills engages thought during the workout and adds to the challenge which in turn I can see being a motivator c) drills are representative of agility skills needed for the various sports d) diagrams and descriptions of how to do the drills are available. 
- Tray28, iTunes Store - Canada