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Here's the thing: I'm not a fitness professional. Actually, by education I'm an engineer and have spent most of my career involved in software and computer systems in one way or another. Also, I have a passion of acting and writing which I do on the side. Not so long ago I bought an iPhone and decided to make a business around it. My first app is Zigyt, an app for agility training. "Why on earth?", someone asked me. Answer: Because I wanted it for myself and there was nothing like it. I once had a long history of back trouble (I'm much better now, thank-you) and wanted something to help me improve my response to unpredictable, dynamic events. Enter Zigyt.

Warm Up with Dynamic Flexibility Exercises

The question is how best to warm up for dynamic sports and for the challenging nature of agility training? What I’ve been doing until now is some static stretches for the ham strings, calf muscles and groin, and a jog … Continue reading

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Agility, Plyometrics and Preventing Injury in Soccer (Football)

Agility The need for an effective soccer player to possess a high degree of agility would seem to go without saying. However, for the record, we shall say it. From Science and Soccer: β€œThe dynamic nature of soccer requires the … Continue reading

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Agility is its own Skill

Research has determined that athletic agility is something that needs to be specifically trained in order to improve upon. In other words, you don’t get agility for free when training for something else like sprinting. That’s the subject of this … Continue reading

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Athletic Agility Defined

I don’t know if the world of fitness professionals, academics, sports psychologists, etc… agree on a definition of agility in the field of sports and athletics. I briefly mentioned a few in my first blog post. But since the majority … Continue reading

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Launching into Agility

Hello everyone and welcome to the Zigyt Blog – A Voice for Agility Training. If you are reading this first blog entry, then you’re probably wondering a number of things. So, this first post will be about answering some imagined … Continue reading

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