This blog is about athletic agility (not the canine kind). Here’s a definition of athletic agility that’s as good as any: “the ability to change direction and start and stop quickly”.  If you play, or have ever played, a dynamic sport you probably get the idea. You have to react to what’s happening all around you and before you react, all you can do is be ready to act because you don’t know in advance what’s going to happen.

If you have an interest in agility specifically or in improving your athletic performance or your overall fitness through agility training, then you may want to follow this blog. Here’s what I hope to cover:

  • Tell you what I’ve learned from what experts have written on the subject of agility and related subjects.
  • Tell you what I learn from talking to trainers, coaches, scientists on the subject. Maybe even some interviews.
  • Tips and suggestions for using the Zigyt app. Maybe we can even have a dialog on what improvements to make.
  • My own tales pertaining to agility training (if they seem useful).

I hope it provides you some value.

Paul Kaufmann

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