HIIT and Agility in One App. A Perfect Match!

On November 9, 2012, Zigyt 2.0 was released. The whole idea behind Zigyt 2.0 was to combine High Intensity Interval Training with Zigyt’s already gut busting agility drills. This post will tell you more about the new release.

HIIT is all the rage right now. Take a look at the Google trend for HIIT:

Just a fad? Maybe. But research indicates that there are good reasons to include HIIT in your workout regime (more on this in later post).

Me? I just happen to like workouts that take less time and really push me to the max. I call it ‘blowing out the pipes’.

Now when I came across HIIT a couple of years ago, I quickly discovered that it doesn’t matter what you do in the High Intensity Interval phase just as long as it gets you working as hard as possible; to your max! Perfect for agility drills, I thought, as many of them already get one’s lungs and heart pumping. So, I set about adding intervals to Zigyt.

In Zigyt 2.0, all the drills can be done in intervals. You can set a High Intensity Interval duration, a Low Intensity Interval duration, and the number of intervals to do. In doing HIIT, I’ve found that it’s handy to have a countdown timer so I can see how much time is left in any interval. So back on the run screen, if you tap the elapsed timer window, it will change to a countdown timer. Next to the lower right corner of the timer window, you also get a counter of the number of intervals.

So what drills make the best HIIT workouts? It’s up to you to experiment and find out. If you’re training for a sport then it makes sense to train with a drill that mimics the activity of that sport. For general fitness I like the 5 Star drill and the Box drill. For squash and tennis, obviously the squash and tennis specific drills are perfect.

Have fun playing with your new Zigyt and happy training!

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